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Privacy:  Mary Talbot Fee™ is committed to ensuring your absolute privacy as a visitor and customer. This web site does not employ cookies or any other tracking devices and at no time is any personal information gathered unless you knowingly submit this information. Information you do submit will never be given/sold to any outside source, for any reason. Because our company wishes to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy, it has agreed to disclose its information practices and have its privacy policy reviewed and audited for compliance.

Satisfaction Guarantee:  No questions asked. Take 30 days from the time you place your order to make sure you are satisfied. If not, return the product and we will refund its purchase price. We'll also refund original shipping cost if the return is due to our error or the product is defective. Returned products must be in original packing material and in original unused condition.

Links:  Clicking through text links or banners to other websites may employ tracking methods generated by third parties, which are their sole responsibility and governed under guidelines as set forth in their respective P3P document.

Email:  Mary Talbot Fee™ does not send out newsletters, advertisements, contests or any other form of unsolicited commercial email (UCE or SPAM). If you receive mailings with a forged email address, please forward the entire email to us at:

Anti-SPAM:  It is the policy of this site to fight spam in any way available, including but not limited to: Posting, forwarding and publicly displaying the spam, sending copies to any and all postmasters involved, sending copies to any and all persons listed as administrative, technical, and billing contact according to the current WHOIS database for the offending sites, sending copies to upstream providers, blocking individual known spammers and blocking entire offending domains. Fraudulent and/or deceptive e-mail will be forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission for investigation.

Rating:  Mary Talbot Fee™ has been rated to be suitable for all ages. Content Labels conform to internet industry standards known as PICS - the Platform for Internet Content Selection. It's aim is to protect children from potentially harmful material while protecting the free speech rights of content providers.

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