Mary Talbot Fee 

A love affair with Jazz that began at the tender age of 6, vocalist Mary Talbot Fee realized a life-long dream when her debut album, Midwinter Night's Dream, was released March 3, 2009 on Sketchin' Records. Rob & Amber Whitlock produced the generous fifteen-song collection of Jazz standards, international songs and contemporary compositions anchored by Talbot Fee's sophisticated, swoon-inducing voice that takes listeners on an enchanting artistic and theatrical musical journey. The Whitlock's composed three new songs for the disc, including the title track, which was co-authored by Talbot Fee, who fluently sings in four languages on the album (English, French, Italian and Portuguese).

Now residing in San Diego, Talbot Fee grew up in New England in a musical household. Her mother was an opera singer and musical comedy actress, well known in Berkshire County, Massachusetts for her work at Tanglewood, The Berkshire Playhouse and The Berkshire Lyric Theatre. Mary was thus introduced to opera, show tunes, Jazz and singing in church at a young age. Her home was often brimming with amazing actors and musicians whom Mary admired. Despite her deep affection for Jazz and numerous years of study and training, Talbot Fee shied away from pursuing a professional music career and instead taught elementary school for many years. However, not wanting to have any regrets, Talbot Fee decided to finally pursue the dream of recording the album she has had long ruminating deep inside.


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